Reviews – The Vax Steam Mop Thing…

The Vax steam mop thing…


Being a man I’d naturally been gifted the task of putting it together… which is easy, just one click. My fiancee was out when I’d received delivery of it from Vax, so I thought I’d take it for a spin.

We’d been struggling somewhat with the floor over the winter as the cats brought half the garden in with them each time they came, I’d briefly toyed with the idea of rigging the steamer to the cat flap so it would steam them upon entry… I decided against this as I’d probably just end up with a pile of wet mice. I digress. My colleague bought the previous Vax hard floor cleaner and it was rubbish, so much so she’s getting rid after just two uses, flexibility and maneuverability were the issues here, and although I had to will myself to put the chairs upturned on the table and the Chicken Doorstop on the side I found working round furniture and corners was a breeze…

It says it takes one minute to warm up and it’s true to it’s word, and after a quick hoover I was steaming like nobody’s business. You must avoid the temptation to whizz it back an forth like a hoover, and avoid using soooooo much steam that the hallway turns into a nightclub. You only need a bit for the tough bits, the head stays warm and wet enough to act as a mop would. Fortunately it was better than mop, because it was expensive. I didn’t get any straggly hairs or smears across the floor; the micro-fibre pad was even throughout.

The best thing of all is it looks like it might be made by Apple, so there’s a chance you could con the kids into doing it for you. Shame you can’t plug the Ipod in somewhere.

I had a little detergent over so I thought I’d have a go at the two-glass wine stain I’d graced the living room carpet with at new years, my mother’s steamer failed miserably here and to be honest so did this. I wasn’t expecting much, I’m now so used to the two tone Beige/Merlot effect it doesn’t bother me much. So… I can’t really say more about the carpet side of things, although the carpet slider bit was genius, I’ll be using this when my Pool triangle breaks or gets lost, I might even have a go at the rest of the carpet when I’ve got more time and not got a pizza beeping at me from indise the oven. Plus it only takes a minute to heat.

No more gritty dirty laminate underfoot so I’m chuffed, thanks Vax!

JP Collins

Thank you for all the kind comments!


Poppet87 says:

Fantastic Review!!! Its had me in stitches!!! Very informative, but absolutely hilarious at the same time! You’ve made my day!!! Thank you Jono! 🙂
S. Maycock says:

Loved the review – made me giggle! Thanks.
Jo says:

Great sense of humour – very funny 🙂
Grumpette says:

Just brilliant! A really useful review that also had me crying with laughter. Thank you for lightening a dismal day.
Blowden says:

you should go on tv very funny but informative thankyou
Joanne says:

Good amusing review, although it told us more about you than the cleaner, funny though 🙂
Mrs H says:

Loved your review! Sheer comedy genius whilst still being informative. Laughed alot! Cheers
Amy says:

Love love love your sense of humour
MRSH says:

Was looking through the reviews for this product and came upon yours – very funny and informative have placed an order for one and will probably have a smile on my face each time I use it – you never know I might even get my husband to have a go !!!

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