Photography #6 – Barbie Sez…

Barbie sez…

A return visit to the Hill Street Blues Coffee Shop, Amsterdam, brought us downstairs into the dimly-lit smoking room. A sofa full of hoodies light up their joints and slowly fade away into a thick mist of marijuana smoke. Extraction duct work runs along one wall near where I sit, and this, like every other inch of the building, is covered in graffiti and stickers and scrawls; I started to believe that it was holding the fabric of the walls together, the same graffiti and stickers and scrawls that were sticking urban society onto the face of the world, a face which some are desperate keep hidden under the hoods that live it. It was here that I captured this revolution against pop culture. Will you do what Barbie says? Or will you draw a hood up over its “ugly” head, and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Barbie sez


JP Collins Photography



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