Photography #8 – Woodland trail


This is a selection of photographs I shot today in Simons Wood, Crowthorne, whilst scouting for portrait locations for tomorrow’s shoot. The time spent in the woods with the camera was invaluable; I managed to get some shots that I would not normally take. I think this is the turn of a new page in my photography endeavours, and I plan to make more trips and make the most of my time behind the camera.

Chestnut001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

Duck001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

Mushroom01001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

Mushroomtrail001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

Mushstump001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

Mushwhite001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

Redshroom001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

Whiteshroom001 (1 of 1)_edited-2

Yellowshroom001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

Trail001 (1 of 1)_edited-1

JP Collins Photography


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