A poem #13 – The sun that shines, the cut that stings

I am the sun that shines, I give you life,
the loving hands that hold you close and guide your sight.
I am the soft promise of a kiss,
I am the friend whom you’ll never have to miss.

I am the new venture for which your heart burns,
the feeling of being wanted, and the reward that you’ve earned.
I am the warm bed that comforts you in the night,
I am the soft security of the hallway light.

I am the buzz you feel in your fervent mind,
the careless whim in which you’re entwined.
I am the feeling of falling free,
the permission for you to be all you can be.

I am the burning hope in your soul,
the wind beneath your wings, your ultimate goal.
I am your thoughts, free as a bird,
Your safest place, those comforting words.

Crash it all,
crash it all down to earth.

I am the cut that stings,
I am the hour hand that strikes,
I am the frostbite in your fingers,
the vicious dog that bites.

I am the black moon in the black sky,
the shiver of panic they see in your eyes.
I am the knife in the dark, the dream that dies,
I am the muffled scream, the sickening lies.

I am the world of debt crashing down on your shoulders,
the angry blade that makes you feel colder.
I am destruction, famine and war,
I am the fracture that rots to the core.

I am the violent slash of the wrist,
I am the grip in which you struggle and twist.
I am the wound that cannot mend,
the final step at the cliff edge, the absolute end.

Burn it all,
burn it all away.

Repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat.

JP Collins


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