A poem #15 – Such folly between us

Dappled sunlight pierced the sky,
like a knife in the heart of summers gone by,
and I’m dreaming of you,
in a dress that’s the colour of sound.

In a ignorance savoured that tore us apart,
the stale promise of our bleeding hearts.
Our love was just a whisper,
the last breath of a dying man.

We spent our time arguing, a fight we both lost,
such folly between us, to dishonour our trust,
and I’m thinking about the moment,
that we screamed at each other “goodbye”.

Clenched fists and wasted years,
we shed our skins like we shed our tears.
Our love was just a scent,
a glimpse of a rose as we walked on by.

A red flame from a bitter spark,
leaves us burning in the empty dark.
We were not bad people,
our love was just not made for this time.

We consider despair, but it would do us no good,
full of regrets, ignoring it when we could.
We are two strangers now,
standing in a vacant room.

Our faces cracked like fractured glass,
saying “I’m sorry” is just too much to ask.
Averting our eyes,
and wishing our worlds would end.

“Farewell” I say, “so this is it”,
I fight back the tears by biting my lip,
I’m thinking of the good times,
and that passionate first kiss, up against your car.

JP Collins


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