A poem #17 – My offer, my love

Here is my offer:
I’ll come with you to the sky,
at the edge of where the sea does meet,
and where the angels lie.
I’ll hold your hand to the bitter end,
and comfort you when you cry.
I’ll love you forever in a memory,
so you’ll never have to say goodbye.
I’ll meet you at the doorway,
each time you come back home.
I’ll be the voice that strengthens you,
my heart will never roam.
I’ll give you all my reasoning,
and heal all of your scars.
I’ll help you down from the trembling ledge,
and we’ll dance amongst the stars.
I’ll be the smile on your face,
and devote myself to you,
I’ll give you every inch of my soul,
and never be untrue.
Here is my offer:
I will come with you to the sky.
We can be together always,
beyond the breadth of time.

JP Collins


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