Photography #13 – Some shots from Portugal

Good afternoon!

So, I haven’t had much time to edit my photos lately as I’ve been focusing on writing my novel, but I seemed to have overlooked the fact that I hadn’t uploaded these shots from Vilamoura, Portugal that I took in October 2013. Hope you like them, and as always there’s more to come!

 O único poste de luz1460243_627152854002142_1263153556_n

Sunset over the breakwater 644322_622971697753591_1009274979_n

Goodnight kiss1002916_622971707753590_724093020_n

disaffected Youth1390737_622992804418147_1172957969_n

I long to fish…1441195_622999584417469_1714744613_n

The wall1454826_622996444417783_1535828291_n

Gin-palace jetty1455178_622974851086609_173958832_n

JP Collins Photography


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