Photography #14 – Virginia Waters

Hi Everybody,

I recently went to Virginia Waters, Ascot, to practise some long exposure shots. I was using my stock 17-55mm lens with 75mm Format ND filters. I stopped down 6 stops using the filters and cut out the haze on the lake shot with a 105mm Polarising filter (adding an extra 1 1/2 stop to total 7 1/2 stops down). As it was such a bright morning, most were shot at around 2 seconds. There was some minor tripod shake due to the wind (and the cheap tripod), but the results seem OK! Nonetheless, I was pleased with the saturated colours the long exposures provided.

Hope you like them!

The great lakeVirginia004HR (1 of 1)

Sandby fallsVirginia003HR (1 of 1)

Out in the washVirginia002HR (1 of 1)

JP Collins Photography


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