Quiet musings… day #8

How many times the torch has been knocked out of the cupboard: Twelve.

What I learnt today: Mass is measured in kilograms; the gravitation pull on that mass toward the earth is called weight. The mass of an object does not change, but the weight of an object can change depending on how near or far it is from the centre of the earth.
The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 metres per second squared, meaning that in a vacuum, all objects, regardless of their mass, will fall, and accelerate, at the same speed; therefore, the pull of gravity is the same on all objects, and it is the mass of the object that dictates how fast it falls to earth. Wow, do I feel small. The universe is so unfathomably complicated; how did it come to be what it is, and equally, what it isn’t?

What I do to the driver on the way home whose trailer door is open and rubbish is falling out onto the dual carriageway: I pull up alongside, wind my window down and wave at him; he gets the message pretty quickly and pulls over to shut the door.

What I noticed: Nobody else who drove past him bothered to help.

What I hope the driver with the trailer does: Take time out of his busy life to put someone else before himself one day. In most cases, it doesn’t take a lot to help someone, and you could really make their day with just a little bit of effort; I think that makes life more worthwhile than any amount money of fame does. You’ll feel like gravity is pulling a little less on your heart for a while too.

What my wife and I do, unknowingly: We practise our parenting by talking to our cats in funny voices and referring to ourselves as mummy and daddy even though they are not our children – they did not come out of my wife’s body. We did adopt them, I suppose – so to speak.

JP Collins


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