Quiet musings… day#14 – Lifespans and tastebuds

What the vacuum cleaner does: Blow its fan air high into the corners of the room, thus confusing the tiny house spiders into thinking they have caught a tasty morsel in their shaking webs.

What I ponder about – apropos lifespans: We consider a small being such as a nat to have such a small and insignificant life, but to the nat, its life may seem as long and as full as a human feels his life to be. If this is so, then the interpretation of time must vary considerably between beings. So I ask, what is the true worth of time if it is so brief and yet so vast all at once? How insignificant and small must we seem to the great elm or oak, and how brief Earth must seem as it passes in and out of existence in the blink of the universe’s eye.

What my mum did when she was young: Go to the doctor’s reporting that she had lumps all over her tongue.

What the doctor said they were: Tastebuds.

What I do every time I think about her telling this: Smile. There is nothing more humourous than life itself.

JP Collins


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