Quiet musings… day#16 – The thrill of the chase

What I wish for: That feeling – the focused hunter in the thrill of the chase. Not for joy, but necessity, everything depending on the kill; survival at its purest. Most of us will die without ever knowing that feeling. It’s in us to feel it, I think. We are so disconnected with the earth, we should be more attuned to nature. It is evident in our daily pursuits that we are trying to find some deeper connection, some heightened state of belonging – through following hobbies or in our working lives. How wonderful the feeling would be to stand on the world, truly free, and feel its pulse through the soles of our feet as we revolve in harmony along with it.

What some people think: The objective is to get the job done, and they forget that sometimes the objective is really the act of doing it. Concentrate on the moment, instead of the eagerness of its passing.

JP Collins


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