A poem #108 – Time and sorrow

She said farewell
without uttering a word
with a look in her eye
that laid waste to all the world
and time is the grey concrete
cold and unforgiving
against the wetness of my cheeks
these tears they pool
until they fill the room
and I drown in my own doings
these worthless feelings
but that cracking cane
keeps on coming
keeps on stinging
in the wounds of consequence
the child’s weals
that never heal
another scar
on the face of things to come
what’s done, I know, is done
and the heart dies
a little more every time
I see her face
in my dreams
in the place
where we danced
through so many nights
before the candle flickered
and failed
and we gave in to the souring milk
drinking-in the complacency
of our all our faults
and all our ills
left behind with those gifts
given in an abundant
overflowing love
these are just objects now
in the mid-shade of grey
somewhere between
the light and the dark
unwanted mementos
of better times that passed
and time and sorrow
go hand in hand
married again, at last.

JP Collins


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