About me


Hello and welcome to my blog!

Here’s a little about me:

I’ve unknowingly been a writer for most of my life, it began with writing band-less songs from around the age of 8, that never went anywhere because I could never organise a band to play them – and I couldn’t sing. I always felt I could express myself most truthfully through words. I was inspired by music then, and I’ve been fanatical about music ever since, but what I failed to realise was exactly what made music so important to me. I spent years playing guitar, writing songs and studying music. Eventually I stopped writing and started producing music and DJing on pirate radio stations and in clubs from London to Birmingham. But I never felt truly satisfied about my musical endeavours, and my organisational and networking skills left me well short of the mark to be successful in the industry. I felt there was something missing, something more I could be doing.

It was around this time my Mac crashed and went bang, and I was fretting about how to fill my time, pacing up and down chewing my fingers. It was then that it dawned on me, what I was missing were the lyrics; these words were the driving force behind my passion, how could I be so blind? So I picked up my wife’s laptop and began writing regularly again. Lyrics became songs, which became poems and short stories, and then an idea blossomed into the first chapter of a novel. My decks lay collecting dust amongst the electrical boneyard in my loft and I’ve not touched them since.

I never have so much fun as when I’m writing. Amongst the poems, I’m currently writing a psychological thriller under the working title In Swings The Tide, and I’m enjoying painting the empty pages with my thoughts and watching the story grow. I’m also passionate about photography and post my photos up here too.

This blog is a confession, it’s a window into my soul, it’s a truth to myself about who I am to the bone. It’s about those quiet musings that we all have whilst grazing on life’s pastures. Whether it’s through writing or photography, my aim is to capture moments, life itself, and burn it into time’s memory.

Born 85
Married to a wonderful wife
Slave to three cats
Intrepid knowledge seeker
Lover of life
Conscious of time

Twitter @JPCollinsWriter

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!

JP Collins


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