A poem #40 – Hot summers past

two-stroke churning,
freshly cut grass:
short, and strong.
Our memories bygone,
to long, hot summers past.

JP Collins


A poem #27 – Home is where the heart is…

Home is where the heart is,
they say;
but it’s more than that –
it’s where you meet your best friends,
in the sunshine or in the rain.

Home is where you go
at the end of each working day;
it is the song in your ears,
that you may ease all of your pains.

Home is a place in your mind,
I say;
it’s the feeling of love and comfort –
and the warmth of the morning sun
as it rises across the bay.

Home is a feeling,
when we have our final say;
it is where we lay with our loved ones,
and where our most precious memories stay.

JP Collins