A poem #97 – Unfulfilled dreams

A song about silence
sung from the wings
to mourning pews
piled high with abandoning
The note was struck
the piano rings
footsteps fading
in the cowering din
filled with “I can’t”s
the still air stings
sharp and prickling
against the skin
the prayer book open
the pages singed
by the dying flame
of unfulfilled dreams.

JP Collins


A poem #95 – The Space Between

The unfinished crossword
a catalogue of people
lost for words
concerned only
with flicking forward
to find the answers
Only to behold
in underlined bold
that their actions
have no reaction:
no hope
no vantage
In the space between
where the hammer strikes the bullet
the beginning
of a moment spins
In the jaded present
in which we are unknowingly
dying to be
Woven deeper
into the itching fibre
of the noose:
the un-scratch-able truth
Tugging at the cord
to pull the drapes
from the wall
A mounted plaque
under a stale tube light
addresses the Fool
‘All must die
and you are here
wasting away
every moment
of your life.’
To which a camera phone is raised
and a selfie made
and shared among the world
in a shameless
anti-social trade
In the space between
where the hammer strikes the bullet
the final throws
of a moment unborn
fizzles away

JP Collins

A poem #43 – Death, leave me be

Allow that I take my mind off of you,
for you are the thorn in my side.
You are the shadow over my head,
and the persistent limp in my stride.

We will one day meet for certain,
and you shall then have all of my time.
So be gone for the moment and leave me be,
as my life should be only mine.

Allow my mind to stray
away from the insufferable truth,
that when you do come calling at my door,
I will come freely, albeit aloof.

JP Collins

A poem #39 – Do not turn to stone

“Alas!” they say,
“live within your means”,
“Impossible”, I reply,
“for we are driven by our dreams”.
Forget conformity and embrace your freedom,
live life on your own;
for if someone tells you long enough that you are a rock,
you will eventually turn to stone.

JP Collins

A poem #38 – One life: live it

One life: live it,
stamped across your sun-strip.
Mud in your bones,
is the Land Rover’s ethic.

No regrets, no fear,
in stickers on your door.
Water to your waistline,
and always ready for more.

Something breaks: Gaffa tape,
or oil to make it move.
No qualms with the unexpected, or when things go wrong,
I just wish I could be more like you.

JP Collins

Quiet musings… day#10 (The sword’s edge)

What I’m thinking: This was 2013 – the year when everybody kept calm and carried on; although, more likely, the year we bought mugs and mouse mats and T-shirts with that, and every variation of it, on just so we can stare at it all day and tell ourselves “everything is going to be OK”; when just under our skins we were fretting about rocketing energy prices and how we are going to afford to heat our homes this winter; and about the Government re-allocating tax so richer folk could pay less by being conned into buying brand-spanking-new “zero-tax, green vehicles” and the rest of us pay more to cover the deficit – the roads still haven’t been repaired. Is this the year we finally found balance? No, I say not; but the Government appears to think so.

Nevertheless, we are in the thick of an astronomic technical evolution that is snowballing toward the complete perfection of convenience; this is not something to turn your nose up at. The majority of the human race will not succumb to laziness as we near this goal, but will find their minds burning with an even fiercer hunger for knowledge and mental expansion. This is a wonderful time to be alive – and with the help of the Internet, you can feel like you have been here since day dot; on the other hand, of course, you may feel your life can be defined simply by a bleak set of coding, a string of meaningless ones and zeros, in which case, you must take a walk and re-discover the beauty of the natural world; you must remember that you are made of matter, as is the earth and everything on it; synergy is important – take a bath, as Archimedes did, and you will find your inspiration, your zest for living, once again. It is our nature to find solace amongst the turmoil, so try to go with the flow. Life on earth is chaotic – carefull yet daring, stable yet unbalanced, terrific yet comforting all at once – this is indeed a wonderful time to be alive. We are all dancing along the sword’s edge, and it seems the joy of life is not knowing which way we will fall.

My confession: I still don’t know what the difference is between those two flush buttons on the top of my toilet.

What My wife and I do in the evening: Make each other laugh so hard we can’t breathe, and when we have finished and composed ourselves we begin to laugh again and forget what started us off in the first place. I wish we could do this everyday.