A poem #88 – Go steady

She said to me “Son, go steady,
you are not yet ready
to sing this song.
Unclench your fist, bite your lip:
some men are better with words
than they are with bombs.

“Blood near boils in the heat of a fight;
and whilst you are right,
you are wrong.
Take a moment, catch your breath:
the measure of a man is in how he moves on
from the thing that’s already done.

“Where a mother has a right to mother,
don’t stay always under this cover:
even weeds grow in the shade.
But instead,
know when to love and when to leave,
know when to smile and when to grieve.
Know when to hide under the pain,
Know when to break into a million pieces:
many a good thing from broken parts
can be made.”

JP Collins


A free verse #1 – Thick fog and a screaming baby

You crashed into a car in front of me.
The crunch of metal
against metal
sending shivers
down my spine.
I braked hard,
and stopped short;
time stopped with us.
Thick fog cloaked the wreckage.
When it had cleared,
you were standing by the side of the road,
your baby
screaming as you cradled her
in your arms;
your body
desperately trying
to tell her she was safe,
but she could only sense your fear.

I wanted so badly to get out and help you,
but with half of London pressing at my door
I had to drive on by.

JP Collins