A poem #103 – Love song 

Moonrise grip
tideway slip
firm and cool
‘gainst the bare brick wall
on this the longest
of summer nights
beneath the veil
of waning coastal lights,
that same way you kissed me, then
that’s how I kiss you.

Red leaves crisp
under rising mist
hats and scarfs
along woodland paths
all in song with
Nature’s wish
under the canopy
of Autumn’s kiss,
that same way you held me, then
that’s how I hold you.

Cold air rings
deep lungs sting
calm and slow
in dusting snow
on this the clearest
of Winter’s days
amongst the still air
and vastness of the bay,
that same way you spoke of me, then
that’s how I speak of you.

Budding yawn
rose-fingered dawn
fresh and sweet
with temperate beat
on this the day
in waking spring
new arisings
all Godly things singing,
that same soft voice that sung, then
that’s how I sing of you.

JP Collins


A poem #47 – Endless Summer

Oh, endless summer,
where did you go?
With you it seemed like years had passed
since the ground had known of snow.

It’s been an eternity now
since you played that part,
and since I was a child
and held you in my heart.

Oh, everlasting summer,
will you come again?
It seems forever and a day has passed
since the dawn of spring.

We wait for you so eagerly,
that birds do long to fly.
But so short the grace of your presence now,
just a glint in Heaven’s eye.

JP Collins